sunwoo dating - Usr bin rateup can remove updating log file

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(MRTG) is a freely available and fully configurable trend-analysis tool that's easy to configure and use.

It's a surprisingly small, lightweight package because it doesn't implement a heavyweight user interface.

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For example, you might find that your T1 interface is maxed out during your peak business hours and you need to upgrade to a bigger circuit, or you might find that you need to add more memory to a server.

Likewise, MRTG may let you know that your network connections are operating at a fraction of the available bandwidth and that you can therefore eliminate a few T1 circuits and reduce your telecommunications costs.

You can monitor your system's Web performance quite easily with graphical Linux tools.

You'll learn how to use several in this chapter, including MRTG, which is based on SNMP and monitors raw network traffic, and Webalizer, which tracks Web site hits.

Make /etc/owned by and readable only by the MRTG user?

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