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The Madame Dixie is a downloadable headwear model replacement for the Pyro.It is a purple tea hat with pink roses on the front and is supposedly modeled after retro ladies' flower-decked headwear from the time period of the game's setting.

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The mantle of Atlanta Swag/Trap Rapper of the Moment belongs to Future or 2Chainz; BAYTL feels like a desperate attempt to catch hold of a trend that never quite was.

Sad thing, there’s a story here — about a 21-year-old impoverished and ignorant bisexual white rapper with two biracial children and a penchant for dropping the N-word like most people drink water.

Provided you don't develop hair as impossibly fast as my dog seems to that means you'll have to get fancy headgear before you join us. The RED Spy, Pyro, and Heavy are seen walking into L'Appétit wearing their new hats.

For the Pyro, it's the Madame Dixie, for the Heavy, the Coupe D'isaster, and for the Spy, the Détective Noir.

At all times, the Oakland-born rapper seems one step away from naming her next-born “Frito.” Clearly, someone, somewhere whispered in Gucci’s ear: “Pssst. Instead, go stream “Space Cadets” from Future’s latest mixtape, Astronaut Status, a track that showcases Zaytoven’s ingratiating evolution beyond sub-Kurt Weill carnival music bashed out in MIDI.

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