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The Parker "51" Mark II is probably the most functional fountain pen ever made.It never leaks, always works and never breaks, well almost...From circa 1942 the jewels were also made from a pearlised plastic.

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Aerometric Demis are slightly longer than Vac-filler Demis, and more slender.

ITEM #5253: PARKER STANDARD SIZED LAMINATED VACUMATIC. 5.275" long ( 134 mm) x .598" diameter @ cap bands (15.17mm).

ll pens dry up if they are left unused and uncapped for a while. To achieve this Parker also had to redesign the nib, a pen part that had looked roughly the same for centuries.

The Parker 51 went into production in 1941, and remained a best-seller for decades thereafter.

The sectional view below comes from a Parker repair manual from 1947.

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