Validating yourself

by  |  31-Oct-2016 18:56

In my mind, I imagined everyone laughing about how stupid my hair looked or how bad my taste was.

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Loving parents offer consistent validation to their children, validating their feelings, their perceptions, their gifts and talents, their particular form of intelligence, their interests, their kindness, caring, and intuition.

You are very fortunate if you received this kind of validation from your parents.

If your parents also validated their own feelings, perceptions, and so on, then you are extremely fortunate, as you likely learned to do this for yourself from their role modeling.

However, if your parents did not validate you or themselves, then the chances are that you not only don't know how to do this for yourself, but you don't even know that it is your responsibility to do this for yourself.

True ideas are those which we can assimilate, validate, corroborate, and verify.

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