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Views #1429 Beautiful Bali Widuri talks about Indonesia's most famous island.Views #1430 Special Spots Widuri talks about two special places in her country.The Veoh Service is comprised of (i) the Veoh website, currently located at com (and/or any successor or additional website(s) owned or operated by or for Veoh); (ii) the Veoh syndication network to the extent provided by Veoh (for example, when Veoh makes videos available on third party websites and services, e.g., through embedded players); (iii) the Veoh client, a downloadable application to upload, download and view content (the “Veoh Client”); (iv) the servers operated by or on behalf of Veoh; and/or (v) any other technology and/or services that Veoh provides its users.

The Veoh Service allows You to make content and other material available to other users of the Veoh Service and to access videos and other content and other materials made available by other users of the Veoh Service.

All comments and other communications posted or published by You or other users on the Veoh Service, including in any bulletin board, chat, discussion group, feedback area, news group or email, are referred to as “User Material.” All content made available by users other than “User Material” is referred as “Video Content” and includes the audio-visual display (i.e., video) that may be uploaded to the Veoh Service, along with any other material including, without limitation, music, animation, text, software, scripts, graphics, images, audio, information and interactive features.

Veoh provides its services and offerings (the “Veoh Service,” as further described below) to you subject to the following Terms of Use (“TOU”).

In addition, when using the Veoh Service, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines and rules applicable to such service, which may be posted and updated from time to time.

For digital photographers, data validation generally addresses three questions. There's simply no way to know if the collection is complete without having some kind of record of what is supposed to be there.

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