Who is anna kendrick dating

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“I was on set for, like, two weeks,” she says, shrugging.(Krasinski notes that Kendrick drove the six-hour round trip from New Orleans to Jackson, Mississippi, on her days off from Pitch Perfect 2 to participate in his film.) “I knew the second John sent me the script it was going to be personally fulfilling, so even if I don’t feel like it will set my career on fire, why on earth would I say no?

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Chemistry counts for an awful lot in a romantic comedy, and I’d be hard-pressed to name a more compatible recent screen couple than Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell (in spite of their nearly 17-year age difference).

Kendrick’s Martha is on the rebound after catching her boyfriend in the act with her roommate — and Rockwell’s “Mr.

Prolificity: A short series on the methods, meaning and occasional madness of the creatively super-productive. She stuck with it for two years, between the ages of 17 and 19, and by her hyperproductive standards it contains a pitiful number of entries.

Still, it’s a record of her early days in Los Angeles — after her Tony nomination at age 12 for High Society but before Twilight — when, in the wake of a pilot that never got off the ground, she was auditioning for seemingly every network-television procedural on the air. Kendrick is hours away from winning a Spike TV award for being Hot & Funny, a distinction that could only be dreamed up by a Guys Choice gathering, but at the moment she is actress-incognito: tee and jeans, no makeup, contemplative.

I believe that Ryan Gosling is so perfect that every woman alive deserves to be with Ryan Gosling and that we should all just share him.

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