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The Two And A Half Men star strongly voiced his opinions on Twitter on Sunday (29 January) as he launched an epic rant against the atmosphere of "fear".

The 38-year-old Iowa-born actor criticised the American president's order, citing the example of his actress wife Mila Kunis, who immigrated to the US in 1991."My wife came to this country on a refugee visa in the middle of the Cold War! " said Kutcher in a series of furious tweets that he posted on Sunday.

He went on to add, "We have never been a nation built on fear. Our differences are fundamental 2R sustainability."Kutcher's strongly worded tweets come in the wake of Trump's executive order, which prohibits the entry of residents and refugees from seven Muslim-dominated countries including Iran, Iraq and Libya.

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Ashton Kutcher has posted a comedic You Tube video spoofing the dating outlets of today.

Poking fun at television shows such as "The Bachelor" as well as ads for online dating, the video's characters are all looking for love through the fake dating site, World Wide

Also, Mila's parents were in town to watch their kids so they had a free afternoon — and they decided to spend it helping Rachel find love. To do that, they were going to judge a "Husband Material" obstacle course, which required the gents to change a baby's diaper, vacuum with the baby strapped to them in a Bjorn, and dig a diamond ring out of a clogged sink. Blake went back to the rest of the group feeling good about his decision and confident that Rachel would now send Lucas packing. "It's a kind of unspoken connection that Rachel and I have and some people need to attack that with false statements," Lucas argued to the camera.

Much to Blake's dismay, Lucas actually won the challenge and got some quality alone time with Rachel, who told the cameras that she loved that Lucas continued to surprise her. When I want to turn it off, I turn it off," he said. As the group date ended, Rachel gave Dean the group date rose. She described the smooch as "sweet," "sensual" and "genuine." Peter Gets a One-on-One The next day, Rachel and Peter flew to Palm Springs for a one-on-one date — except that Rachel had a special guest along for the ride: her dog, Copper.

Later, over dinner, Rachel and Peter bonded too — over their gap teeth.

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