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All of which might seem like predictable summertime socializing for a dynastic princess of the Republican Party, except that the party was in honor of Global Health Corps, her organization dedicated to the idea that "health care is a human right," the sort of darn-near socialist notion that could easily lead to Obamacare.

Or, if you're a wary conservative, something far worse.

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In person, she's an absolute—if conscientiously poised—delight: curious, charismatic, and quick to laugh.

Obviously my blog has nothing to do with politics (unless it’s related to Scandal or House of Cards, of course) but when I saw the cute NYC apartment of Barbara Bush via I wanted to share.

Jenna fell in love with Henry and she wanted her wedding to be like a wedding of a normal couple and not be a political one. After their 3 years long relationship turned into marriage, Jenna became a mother for the first time in April 2013. They are enjoying their life with their children and obviously, divorce is out of the question.

They got married at former president Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, Far from the television and media. She wished to marry her boyfriend out of the crowd. They sometimes visit Jenna’s parents and her twin sister Barbara Bush.

Barbara has always been the more elusive Bush daughter.

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