Who is carol alt dating now

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I glossed over the fact he never made a mystery of wanting many children, while I wouldn’t even entertain the possibility of one, or that he was deeply religious, while I left religion at the stake at the age of thirteen: how could family planning and faith ever interfere with true love?

And because when there’s a will there’s way, I did indeed get to meet Ayrton Senna, on one of those Italian variety tv shows parading anything from interviews with famous Formula One drivers, to music numbers to semi-naked, butt-shaking pretty women.

Her first marriage with ice hockey player Ron Greschner ended in divorce November 2 (1983-1996).

All I remember of that meeting was that Ayrton was not terribly smitten, as he didn’t corner me for my phone number, and that he was wearing an exquisite salmon colored cashmere sweater. Our love story would have been brief and filled with heartache.

That was the last one of my girl crushes (if you don’t count the ongoing one for Bruce Springsteen) and the reason I am making a fool of myself in this forum by recounting all this is that Ayrton Senna is now sitting on my desk, in the form of a book my friend Silvia just sent me, a fictionalized reconstruction of his last night before the accident, a mixture of biographical details and musings lyrically cobbled together by a sports writer who knew him.

” Well, I have an answer for you: He’s on reality TV.

The has-been stars have long enjoyed a haven in VH1.

I was sitting in a dressing room with the Italian rock star I was accompanying when I got wind Ayrton Senna was in the dressing room next to us.

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