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Handsome, nice, and friendly enough to say hi to strangers and chat. I saw them so close ㅠㅠ They were running towards me because of Minho. I didn't even look at other members, I didn't think of turning my eyes away from him.

He also has fun innocently ㅋㅋ He's either exercising or travelling. I got out and suddenly, 100 people in a nearby cafe started screaming and ran towards me. I kept staring at Minho and thought I was seeing a fairytale prince. I regretted because I didn't look at other members but I couldn't turn my eyes away from him, he was so handsome. Whenever he went out in midnight to buy drinks, he saw SHINee who was coming back after practicing. Minho said, "you're hyung." Since then, whenever he saw Minho, Minho greeted him with "hi hyung".

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He continued, ‘If Jin-il soak up his emotions, I still think rationally when I pour out my feelings. The character is rough, so I’m curious about how I express it with my face. From the moment I remember things, I grew up looking at my father running on the soccer field. I got casted when I didn’t even think of what I should do.

However, if you ask me to choose between work and love, and even if I think that both are important, my actions lean towards love more’. I was curious about how the movie would turn out when I received the scenario. Actually, there are acting parts which I feel lacking. It was my aim not to look awkward when I smoked, cursed, and spit. Even with his life as a coach or manager, it was vivid to think that I should became a soccer player since my father also played sports, but turns out he disapproved of it. I took audition, and that’s when I started dreaming of being an actor.

In Shinee's second studio album, Lucifer, released in July 2010, he wrote the raps to "Up & Down" (co-written by fellow member Jonghyun), and "Obsession" (also written by Jonghyun), "Your Name" (written by fellow member Onew).

He co-wrote the songs "WOWOWOW" with JQ and "Shout Out" with the fellow members and MISFIT.

Yet his “Derailed” was the first BIFF film to sell out tickets for Sohyang Theater.

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