Who is jeanette jenkins dating

by  |  03-Feb-2017 22:15

She has been in the fitness business for more than 25 years and has so far acquired more than 19 certifications in various aspects of fitness including nutrition and kinesiology.

“Doesn’t that feel strange, telling someone you don’t know about your private life? “My private life is for me and the people that know me.”Jenkins says her private life is very separate from her career as a health and fitness expert.

She said she’d wanted to work with Michaels, the star of Losing It with Jillian, because she was proud of all her hard work The two met when she and Michaels were both up for the same job on The Biggest Loser.

Fans who have been following Queen Latifah’s dating time line believe that she spent a year being involved with Nichols before splitting from her in late 2015.

This followed soon after Latifah’s reported eight-year relationship with earlier girlfriend, fitness instructor Jeannette Jenkins, ended.

Jenkins has worked with several public figures including Paula Patton, Kimora Lee Simmons and, most famously, Queen Latifah.

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