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☺" rel="theater" data-ft=""According to Allways Lisa Raye Mc Coy and Bishop Noel Jones relationship is finally confirmed and will be a featured storyline on an upcoming Reality show highlighting the lives of mega church pastors living in LA this fall.After what was a highly-publicized and drama filled divorce, actress and former First Lady of Turks and Caicos Lisa Raye Mc Coy has made a comeback.

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made its grand debut last night (August 10) on VH1, but the show’s been getting all kinds of bad buzz due to a lawsuit filed by one of the show’s contestants.

I’m going to need you to stay focused don’t let career criminals distract you. If only they knew but they don’t need to so EFF em.

When I see your growth & transparency especially with this new album. I heard you have a new show that airs on Monday with a guest appearance from yours truly.

Shutterstock Jayceon “The Game” Taylor’s new reality show, “She’s Got Game,” is set to premiere this evening, and while we knew that the series would probably be a trainwreck, we never would have imagined that off-screen scandals would precede the premiere of the show.

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