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“I could totally relate to being an outsider, I could totally relate to being an indigenous person — my father was born and raised in Sierra Leone. I’m constantly being surprised by what it’s like to be a seasoned warrior and then to [have] a boss, and when I choose to listen to her and when I choose to think differently.

The writers are constantly throwing something new at us.” The show’s mix of action, moral quandaries and difficult choices will continue to lead to dark moments and wrenching scenes.

TGRI is of interest to the Turtles, too, after Splinter reveals that the company logo appeared on the side of the canister of mutagen that was responsible for their mutation.

While his brothers move Splinter into their very cool new lair, an abandoned underground station, Raphael is caught by the Foot and taken prisoner.

Alas, moviegoers won’t see her on the big screen, but there’s a good chance her scene(s) will be among the deleted scenes included on the Blu-ray/DVD and digital release.

Who is paige turco dating

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He is flanked by his adoring wife Juliette and their children Richard and Innez.…
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