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I couldn’t help but push the rules a bit and began talking before the official start of the event … I had to work quickly, as the ladies were already eyeing the circle for other potential matches.I felt the women were doing the same thing I was - they were looking for a possible match that spoke to their passions by what genre of fandom they were representing.

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Als ein Musikautomat vorgeführt worden ist, klatschen die Besucher, ein älterer Herr im Rollstuhl hebt zustimmend den Daumen und lacht.

Aber als die Führung vorbei ist, fragt ein Herr, der bisher völlig nachvollziehbare Fachfragen zu den Musikautomaten gestellt hat, plötzlich: „Zu wem gehöre ich denn?

Kenosha doesn’t have a sci-fi/fantasy convention like Dragon*Con so the opportunity was something he could not pass up. Lightspeed Dating is an event at Dragon*Con that goes one step further in helping you find that likable geek of your dreams.

After getting one of the last cards to get into this rare event, I was seated in a circle of chairs surrounding another circle of lovely ladies from the con. The rules were simple: One minute per girl, one conversation at a time.

Likely due to the successful "first-vibes" of our pre-date, we hit it off instantly and have been a couple ever since...." - More Speed Dating Success Stories -- Events near you!

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