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by  |  14-Mar-2017 16:13

You should see the layers from referenced files too. Try to change color, line weight, freeze/thaw, etc.

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We are having two plotting problems and I am sure it is a setting I just don't know about. We are working with ACA 2008 for this particular project. Why won't changes made in the layers on a construct file transfer to the sheet file the construct file is referenced into?

For instance if I change a layers color from red to blue in the construct file, it will remain red in the sheet file. Why won't polylines global widths (sometimes) plot to their designated widths and associated pen setting?

When you select the file name it will only list the layers in that file.

By default layer properties manager will list all available layers. Whatever you do here, will not change the original layer properties.

Here is a very handy change to Auto CAD 2016 made after customers requested the functionality to change properties of Layers in an Auto CAD XREF.

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